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Art Basel Miami Beach
Artist David Sexton
Serenity by Artist Brigitte Andrade
Artist Adètòmíwà A. Gbadébò
Heike Kolles
Steven Vannoy Photography
Feeling The Vibe
Andrii Chernovil
Andrii Chernovil
Artist Perry Milou
Giovanni DeCunto
Cristina Ghergo
The Legendary Soul Man Sam Moore
Sam Moore & The Presidents
Billy Preston
Art of Black Miami
Brigitte Andrade Art
Artist Adètòmíwà A. Gbadébò
Artist Nestor Paz



IN 2024! is celebrating our 17th year dedicated to helping guide you through the maze of art year round and the biggest art month in America, December in Miami/Miami Beach, for collectors, art lovers, and professionals!  This year we hope to bring you the best in person and online art experience again!

The most famous art show in the world,

ART BASEL Miami Beach is back for it's 20th year!

OVR Basel

The Interactive Experience

Loving Vincent The Movie

10 years, 100 painters, 65,000 paintings.  
Follow the journey of the Academy-Award winning sensation from
Good Deed Entertainment


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