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By Brigitte Andrade

Sid Daniels



Sid Daniels is a contemporary figurative and abstract/geometric painter and illustrator who lives and works in Miami Beach, Florida.  A native of Toronto, Canada, his colorful and inventive paintings pay homage to the heyday of the Art Deco Era.  His distinctive personal style emanates a musical joy and vibrancy that is achieved with a sense of humor and style, with influences coming from the Golden Age of Hollywood’s movie musicals of the ’40s and ’50s.

Sid Daniels works in three distinctive styles, figurative, abstract/geometric, and fashion illustration imagery.  He works on paper with colored pencil, gouache and markers, and his paintings in acrylic on canvas are achieved with detailed lines, brilliant saturated color, and the feeling of watching a theatrical performance, are all brought to life with stand alone architectural works and with his paintings of whimsical and fashionable women in high heels.  As the artist explains, “I am a choreographer and I welcome you to join me in my musical extravaganza on stage.”

After graduating from the Ontario College of Art, he relocated to New York City  designing murals and department store installations for Fiorucci NYC, Marshall Field Chicago, The Holiday Inn, Zanzibar Nightclub, The Crown Plaza Hotel, ‘Las Paras’ Caribbean Restaurant in Yokohama, Japan and in 1982 his painting ‘La Mode’, was featured in the motion picture ’Tootsie’.   He designed album covers, and posters for CBS International, Arista and GRP Records, Nescafe Coffee, The Design Industries Fights Aids, and the Ann Taylor Shopping Bag.  Daniels relocated to Miami Beach, Florida in 1997, creating work for Art in Public Spaces’ ‘Flamingos on the Beach’, the Miami Beach Festival of the Arts poster, and the Byron Carlyle mural in 2004.   He designed the commemorative poster for the 1992 United States Ballroom Championships, held at the Fontainebleau Hotel and work for Art in Public Spaces, Caribbean Cruise Lines, Nescafe Coffee and First Night Miami Beach.  Shows include the Sol Gallery, Art Basel’s Spectrum and Aqua Art Fairs in 2017 and 2018, and “Life is Art”, a show entirely dedicated to music, curated by Sebastien Laboureau at the Sagamore Hotel in 2019.   Daniels’ paintings and illustrations are published in ‘The Great Big Book of Fashion Illustration’ and ‘101 Contemporary Artists’ to name a few.





Is a reminder, a mantra that when you share your energy and your kindness, you align to higher frequencies and become inspired to make our world a better place. Let's be together, because together we are one!



PERRY MILOU is a talented forward thinker.  His body of work has often been described as “alluring”, “brilliant”, “glamorous” and “vibrant.” Milou is a graduate from the University of Arizona.  In 1990 he was the first student ever to convince the Bachelor of Fine Arts program to incorporate an “open Studio” major. He creates pop and contemporary art that is often a tribute to political figures, iconic sports players or notable celebrities.  


PERRY MILOU in 2015, created a very special historic new work of POPE FRANCIS called “ A Prayer For Peace”. This current masterwork is simply inspired by Pope Francis’ incredible global message of human equality,love, peace and forgiveness. The soulful yet powerful portrait has currently procured definitive licensing partnerships with The World Meeting of Families and Getty Images. The iconic portrait’s popularity will likely become a symbolic image of the lasting legacy of Pope Francis around the world!


From the artist: “My aesthetic today is about fantasy. The work is bold, exciting and graphic – in your face with vibrant colors! I want my work to evoke an aura of beautiful feelings. I am constantly looking at the sky for color. It is the closest thing to actually watching God paint in the present moment.”


Pop Artist Perry Milou’s prolific accomplishments continue to mount and inspire. On Sept 10th 2009 the New York Times home section inked the pop artist.  (“Crafting with a tech touch”… Penelope Green) included milou’s collaborative efforts with featured switchcraft designer Allison Lewis. Lewis, a contemporary master in LED lighting, partnered with the pop artist, threading hundreds of tiny colored lights throughout Milou’s Pop ‘’lover lips’’ oil. The two planed a series and exhibition in New York in 2010.


The savvy artist set his eyes on the New York Times again. While attending a casting in Chelsea, (white columns gallery) for Sarah Jessica Parker’s Bravo TV art reality pilot, Milou’s visionary 1995 large fusion portrait of the late super pop icon Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley… oil 48/48 … garnished some noteworthy ink


Ring in the holidays with the pop artist, as thirteen of Milou’s iconic Philly scenes will blast with color in a fabulous new coffee table book. Philadelphia Originals” Schiffer Publishing editor Joseph Glanton. Keep an eye open for a launch signing at Barnes and Noble in beautiful Rittenhouse square.

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