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Art Basel Season Photo Gallery Past

The Real/Unreal & Salvatore Dalí at The Confident Hotel

Hotel Croyden/3720 Collins Ave is another “No Vacancy” installation-Federico Uribe!

Amazing creative detailed Endangered Species!

The Pelican Passage

The Pelican Passage 2016
The Pelican Passage 2 2016
The Pelican Passage 3 2016

By Carlos Betancourt
Photos & Art Direction by Alberto Latorre

Bibi & Tommy Hilfiger
Val Kimmer
Tommy Hilfiger
Willard & Tainna Shepard
The Turchin Family
Philippe Doddard
Mondrian Art Basel 2013
Bibi, Lenny, Lisa, Dedriann
Jimmy Iovine Signing Hat
Bruce Orosz & Friends
Jeff Koons
Harvey & Bobby Goodman
Diddy Mom_Girlfriend
Alonso Mourning & Bibi
Merle & Danny Weiss
A Rod
Jason Binn & Seth
Art Basel Head Honchos
Bibi & Kevin Berlin
Art Basel Recap 


Gif Pop Show_Vintro Hotel

Art Of Black Miami Kickoff Reception For
Art Basel
Little Haiti Cultural Center 


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